MultiPad 10.1 ULTIMATE 3G

MultiPad 10.1 ULTIMATE 3G

Meet your ultimate business partner, the new Prestigio MultiPad 10.1 ULTIMATE 3G. Show presentations to clients on a luxury 10.1-inch LCD display with MVA technology and a resolution of 1280×800 pixels offering a wide viewing angle, high contrast and a fast response time. Your work will flow faster and more efficiently with Dual Core technology allowing unlimited multitasking and high speeds. After a busy day at work, relax at home enjoying full HD movies at 1080p quality with smooth playback and the most dynamic games in 3D effect – the best graphics are at your disposal thanks to Quad Core GPU and 1GB of memory. Connect it to your HD TV, monitor or projector via the miniHDMI output for your convenience. Plus you will be able to stay connected all the time with the 3G feature so you will not miss any opportunities, whether it is an important email to send or an online airport check-in.

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