Prestigio Multiboard – Breaking New Solution in Education and Business Meetings/Conferences

Prestigio, a fast-growing and well-established brand known in 75 countries, has announced its new line: Prestigio Solutions for classrooms, offices and public places. The core platform of the solutions is the multi-touch LED screens of various sizes combined with numerous software packages. Together they provide a great experience of handwriting, collaboration, interactive advertising and wireless communications with smartphones and tablet PC.

Prestigio Solutions are oriented towards:


Meetings and Conferences

Digital Signage

The solutions are based on the PrestigioMultiBoard. This is an All-In-One PC with LED large screen Interactive White Board and comprehensive Multi-Touch technology. It runs on Intel Core i5 and is operated by Windows 7 or 8. The Prestigio MultiBoards are available in a range of different screen sizes:

42″ (106 cm), 55″ (140 cm), 65″ (165 cm), 70″ (178 cm) with Full HD display resolution

84″ (214 cm) with 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160 pixels)

Prestigio MultiBoard All-in-One PC is not just hardware. It accommodates versatile software designed to increase efficiency, interaction and additional modes of delivery of information in both business and education. No more dull printed pages, blackboards, external PCs or projectors – the Prestigio MultiBoard brings colour, image, sound, interaction and dynamics in a single unit.

The software includes a set of preinstalled applications developed for the Prestigio MultiBoard. Intuitive and effective, the software consists of Prestigio EasiNote, Prestigio EasiMeeting, Prestigio Easishow and Prestigio EasiSign. These programmes provide new ways of collaborative work, reducing the barrier between the presenter and the audience, or teacher and students. The presenter may create and rapidly customise objects from a range of existing content and adapt them to the needs of the presentation in real time. Handwriting is natural and comfortable on Prestigio MultiBoards and text recognition provides a great user experience.

Through the miClass application, Prestigio MultiBoard may communicate wirelessly with Prestigio MultiPads and MultiPhones or any Android tablets and smartphones, facilitating student-teacher interaction. Interactive testing of the entire class where student submits their answer via their Android phone can rapidly provide learner feedback.

Prestigio Solutions are aimed to improve business and make education efficient and productive.

Siarhei Kostevitch, founder and CEO of ASBIS group and Chairman of Prestigio, comments: “Prestigio is committed to constantly delivering the most modern technological advancements to different market segments. Now we aim to provide the tools that will take educational and business collaboration to a completely new level. And as usual we do it for attractive prices.”




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